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 Poultry and Beef

57.    LEMON CHICKEN                                                          10.00
Marinated chicken lightly deep fried on a base of fresh lettuce and topped with sweet lime sauce.

58.    LEMON GRASS CHICKEN                                             10.00
Chicken marinated with lemon grass, grilled to perfection and served on a base of steamed broccoli and fresh lettuce and topped with peanut sauce.

59.    ROASTED DUCK WITH TANGERINE SAUCE                  13.00
Boneless roasted duck topped with tangerine sauce.

60.    GINGER DUCK                                                             13.00
Boneless roasted duck topped with mushrooms, bell peppers, celery, and fresh ginger strips in a gravy sauce

61.   ‘STIR-FRIED GREEN CURRY BEEF                                  13.00
Well-selected tender beef stir-fried with green curry coconut milk, bell peppers, eggplant,  bamboo shoots, green beans, kaffir lime leaves and rhizome root(a type of herb).

62.    VOLCANO BEEF                                                          13.00
Soft and tender sirloin beef stir-fried with the chef’s special spicy sauce, bell peppers,onions, tomatoes, and pineapple.

63.    THAI BARBECUE CHICKEN          HALF   7.00    WHOLE   12.00
Game hen marinated in the chef’s delicate barbecue sauce.


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